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Thorax Pilot Thorax Pilot

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Let's be realistic, here.

"Due to substandard reviews, I've decided not to continue this series. That's what pilots are for."

"Average overall rating: 7.68/10.00"

Come on now, Golem.

Actually, the series ended here because, while the musical pilot was a good gimmick, there really wasn't much we could do with Thorax's basic concept. All the "giant, anthropomorphized bug" ideas we came up with were either A> done to death, or B> not funny.

The art was certainly a step up from Stonelife's earlier stuff, and I still think the pilot's pretty cool... but in the end, Thorax was more a sign of things to come than a successful project in its own right.

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GolemCC responds:

Yeah, he's right. Besides, Nimrod's Son is basically shaping up to be everything I wanted this to be.
So there's no real point of doing anything. Let's get yogurt.